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♢♢From a Place With No Space or Time: A month long Solo Exhibition by India Sky.  Took place in February 2016 at Qulture Collective, The Flight Deck and Downtown Oakland.  ♢♢ 

From a Place With No Space or Time is a collection of multiple journeys into psychic visions, other-realms, and heightened personas embodied by India Sky. Brought to life through photo and video installation and dance and pole performance,  From a Place With No Space or Time looks to the art of Becoming as tools for time travel, communication with Ancestors and supernatural entities and Femme-festaton.
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The Installations “From a Place with No Space or Time” and “What the World Knows of Infinity” were a culmination of 31/2 years of collaboration between India Sky and New Orleans based Photographer and Videographer Lauren Hind. Placed in stunning landscapes on Earth selected for their potential for transcendence, each set of images is shaped by the Artist, Nature and what lives Beyond. The result is a collaboration of grand proportions where multiple forces are given the space to make themselves visible.

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In An Angels Manifesto, the Pole is a conduit between Heaven and Earth. An Angel falls and must learn to survive gravity, and other forces on the planet. Performed through multiple disciplines including Pole and Acrobatic Dance, An Angels Manifesto is the story of a Blangel making sense of the world the best she can as she struggles to ascend back to the place from which she came.

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